Pioneer Pledge

Chadbourne Family and Faculty Association (CFFA) Pioneer Pledge

Welcome to the CFFA family! We look forward to collaborating with you to make this year a memorable and fulfilling one for all Chadbourne students. The past two years have provided many challenges to parents, students and staff, but we are so proud to say that as a community we have persevered! To provide the traditionally rich Chadbourne experience, we request every family to invest both financially as well as volunteer time. Donations can be made online (using Konstella or PayPal) or by check or through employer payroll deduction.

Suggested Donation Amount

Suggested Donation is $225 per student

$100 will go to your child’s classroom / grade level activities.

$125 will go to fund school-wide CFFA-sponsored activities like school-wide assemblies/ subscriptions, math contests, art&music programs, technology upgrades etc.

Benefits Of Online Donation

We would like to encourage all parents to donate online. This is a win-win for CFFA, teachers, parents and the environment. Some of the advantages of online donation:

  • Parents – quick and easy payment process. Payments for more than one child can be done quickly without the need for multiple forms. Employer match is easy and does not require a separate form. Receipts for tax deductions are automated and can be printed online.

  • Teachers and classrooms – funds are made available quickly. There is no need to wait for months for checks to be processed.

  • CFFA – online contributions expedite availability of funds and reduce the hours required by CFFA volunteers to sort forms, capture data and deposit checks. Employer match processing is easier.

Before you make donation please check with your employer as they may want you to donate through them to be available for matching!

Employer Match

Every dollar contributed to CFFA goes a long way, and the employer match programs are a wonderful way to stretch that dollar. We request you to check with your employer and use the match program if it is offered.

If your employer offers a Matching Gift Program, please leave a note during online donation and also make sure to write on the pioneer pledge form if you are making a paper donation. You can also email details to

If your employer matches your donation, please contact your HR department and ensure appropriate forms are filled out with your employer. Not sure if your employer participates in matching? Your HR Department should be able to let you know!

Some companies that participate in Employer Matching can be found at:

Donate Online using Konstella (Preferred)

Based on the last few years success, CFFA is going to continue to accept online donations this year using Konstella.

CFFA has been using Konstella for over 7 years at Chadbourne for various school wide activities and announcements. Parents can now donate online using Konstella and this is our preferred option this year.

Konstella Link for Donations

Donate Using PayPal

Parents can now also donate to CFFA using PayPal. Please use this link to make your donation using PayPal. Please make sure to indicate following information in the PayPal notes so we can keep track of funds:

  • Name

  • Email Address (So we could send you receipt)

  • Student Name

  • Grade/Room Number

  • Company Name

  • Company Match (Yes/No)

    • If Yes how much

CFFA will be using Konstella system to issue receipt for your PayPal donation to the email address we get from PayPal. For any questions or if you don't receive receipt in 15 days of your donation please contact CFFA at

Donate By Check or Employer Payroll Deduction

Parent can also donate via check as they have done in the past. Please make sure to complete the attached entire Pioneer Pledge form . Please PRINT clearly. We will be unable to issue receipts if writing is NOT CLEAR. CFFA will be using the Konstella system to issue receipt for manual donation. You can mail completed form along with your check payable to CFFA to the following address:

ATTN: CFFA Pioneer Pledge Donation

801 Plymouth Avenue,

Fremont, CA - 94539.

Tax Related Information

CFFA is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, EIN 94-3148169. Contributions made to the CFFA towards Pioneer Pledge are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Download the IRS 501(c)(3) letter.