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- New US Supreme Court Justice Kagan soon to face K-12 education cases on CA video game ban and AZ vouchers 
NBC Education Summit - recent news videos on our nations' education system 
- Large study shows Girls = Boys in Math Skills
- e-Learning is on the Rise
- CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction Debate: candidates Tom Torlakson and Larry Acevas
- Excellent FREE online classes - over 100 mini-courses for parents and students to learn about internet saftey, security, digital photography, desktop publishing, Microsoft Office and Adobe applications, etc.  This HP site is open 24/7. 
- How CA's Per-Pupil Expenditures compare to other states
Common Ground Parent Education Peninsula Speaker Series 2010-2011 calendar
- CA DOE releases 2009-2010 API data,       including an overall API increase of 13%
Save Fremont Students raises $500,000
- CA DOE estimates Fremont Unified will 
   receive over $5 million in EduJobs funding