Volunteer Spotlight

CFFA and the entire Chadbourne Community are deeply grateful for all the time, passion and expertise our parent volunteers provide on a daily basis at Chadbourne.  Even the Distinguished School site visit team, who were only on our campus for a few hours, clearly recognized the immense benefit our parent involvement provides for our school.
In advance, thank-you parents for all you do for the entire school and for your child's classroom. We would like to shine the spotlight on your schoolwide efforts throughout the year, so please come visit the Volunteer Spotlight page frequently.  If you know of a good story for the Spotlight, please send it into our volunteer chairpersons at volunteering@cffaonline.org 
Past Spotlights: 2010-2011 school year:

Nov/Dec Spotlight #1 - Praveena Ramineni for taking a new leadership role with movie nights - recruiting/organizing a committee of volunteers, adding some new pizazz: voting for and raffling the movie and great A/V tools.  Also, thanks goes to Amy Crane and her family for once again, managing a yummy snackbar.
Nov/Dec Spotlight #2 - Sophia Charles and Patty Reconco for vastly improving the CFFA Directory via hours and hours of research, computer and printer work.  The Directory is now a very creative, refreshing and useful tool.
Nov/Dec Spotlight #3 - Thomas Wong, along with the rest of the Technology Committee, for developing a sustainable technology plan, getting the budget approved, computers purchased and finally installed in classrooms. This was a HUGE undertaking, especially around the winter holidays
October Spotlight #1 - Michelle Gui and Patty Reconco along with the rest of the Walk to School Committee have done a fabulous job of motivating Chadbourne families to walk, walk, walk this month.  The creative concepts of posters, class tally's, refreshments, signing board, foot charts, computer registrations, flyers, and even Halloween costumes have inspired the school community to log hundreds of thousands of minutes/points and even positioned Chadbourne in 2nd Place to win $5,000 with the Greenworks Walk to School Challenge! 
October Spotlight #2 - Cathleen Yoshida processed well over 400 family Pioneer Pledge checks, totally well over $100,000 for the school and the classrooms, in record time.  This is a herculean task that must be done by one person as not to create a database mess.  This accuracy and speed of this information is especially appreciated by the teachers, who can receive reimbursements only when checks get deposited.  Truly amazing and incredibly important volunteer work Cathleen!!
October Spotlight #3 - Jennifer Malhotra - the Carnival Goddess - with the help of well over 100 parent and student volunteers, Jennifer provided the leadership, organization and creativity necessary to pull off one of our best carnivals.  Even the rain couldn't put a damper on hundreds of Chadbourne students having a ghoulishly delicious time.  The raffle was one of the carnival highlights with almost 100 terrific prizes.  Jennifer was spotted on campus 5 days after the carnival still cleaning up.  Thanks Jen for your dedication and follow through.
September Spotlight #1 - Kathy Lee and Simi Alam have been doing an amazing job as volunteer committee chairpersons.  They started in the summer, revising volunteer sign-up tools and processes.  Then they kept up the pace in September by creating volunteer database lists to quickly get to each committee chairperson.  They have done a lot of work, for our entire school, in a short amount of time.  Kudos and thank-you Simi and Kathy.
September Spotlight #2 - Anonymous -Thank-you and kudos to the parent who went out of their way to come into the office and report a student made a poor decision while riding his bike to school.  You never know how that voluntary act of concern could have possibly saved that students' life.  This is a wonderful example of "Everyone Supports Everyone!"