Konstella Usage Guide

To send announcement to all parents in Rm K-4 you can do following:

1. Login to Konstella using your school email address and password.

2. Once you login you will be landing on Manage Activities page, or you can click on left navigation to come to this page

3. Right side of the page you will see Orange box that says "Add Activity", click and choose Announcement

4. On Create Announcement screen, it defaults to Rm K-4, if not please make sure to choose this.

5. Type Title and detail description of Announcement and Hit publish button to send this to all Room K-4 parents

Manage Activities section where you can see all sign up for class room and who all has signed up for those.

Upcoming are one which have specific dates like Computer Lab/Science Lab etc.

No Specific Time are the ones we have events created but no specific time assigned yet like year end, winter party etc.

How to edit/delete event:

Once you locate the activity you would like to edit/delete, click on it. You will see activity details on this page. 
On right side you will see orange list box "Action". When you clicke on Action you will see options like:

1. Send Message:

Using this option you will be able to communicate with parents who have signed up, not yet signed up so you can remind them, All volunteers in class room.
If parents reply it would come directly to your mail box

2. Print to PDF

Once sign up is complete, you can print copy of activity with list of volunteers and keep it for your record.

3. Edit

Using this option, you can edit content of activity, date, number of volunteers etc. Please make sure to select check box "email parents about this update" 
next to Cancel and Save button, so parents are notified.

If you are editing recurring event, it will ask you if you want to edit current one or all the events, you can choose respective ones.

4. Delete

Be careful with this option, once deleted you will loose this activity and you will have to create in case u need this back and all parents would have 
to sign up again. Currently it doesn't inform parents about cancellation Konstella is working on this feature so please notify parents if someone has signed up.

5. Copy

As name suggest it helps you to make copy of activity and save time in setting up from scratch.

How parents/teacher can contact each other for general questions or announcement:

Parents can just reply to your announcement and it should come to your school mail In-box.

You can contact parents or they can contact you by going to Directories  and clicking message icon on right side and entering detail message.

Also you can see their contact details by clicking photo icon next to email icon.